Our library was established for researchers, teachers and students of the fields of study environmental engineering, environement and bio-resources management, wildlife ecology and wildlife management and biotechnology etc. to offer better conditions for literature research.

The library contains more than 1090 books.

Following items cannot be borrowed:

  • Reference materials
  • Journals, periodicals
  • Glarge book
  • loose-leaf items/publications

Borrowing books

To borrow books you have to hold a valid library card.

The loan period is  21 days ( it is possible to extend the loan period up to 30 days).

To help avoiding fees for overdue books the library will send you an e-mail four days before the book is due.

If a book is not returned on time, the library will send an overdue notice to the user.


Overdue notice

  • If a book is not returned on time, the library will send an overdue notice to the user.
  • This will be repeated two times.
  • The time span between the overdue notices is seven days.
  • The first two notices will be send, if available, per e-mail, if not, the notices will be sent by mail.
  • The third overdue notice will be sent by registered mail. If the book is still not returned the library reserves the right to take according steps.


If you return books too late you will be charged as follows:

  • 1st overdue notice € 2,00
  • 2nd overdue notice € 4,00
  • 3rd overdue notice € 6,00
  • For every overdue book € 0,20 will be charged per business day

Lost or damaged books

  • The user is responsible for handling the books with care.
  • If a book is damaged the library will charge the user for the replacement costs.
  • If an item/book is lost, the user has to replace it with the same edition. If the book/item is unavailable the user must pay the amount of the books worth to the university library. Please inform the university library immediately, if you have lost a book, otherwise overdue notices and the corresponding fines may arise.

Return the items

Please return the books at the secretary's office.



List of books