X-Larch 2 2006


Symposium on Landscape Architecture Vienna

April 27th, 2006


How can innovative enquiries develop and improve landscapes and public spaces and their utilisation. ... Eight renowned landscape architects from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Ireland will present new research approaches and current projects. ... The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna provides a platform for discussions and examinations of ongoing design and development of landscape.


X-LArch 2 - landscape-X-periments adresses those whose interest lies within the open space: landscape architects, artists, architects, urbanists, sociologists, researchers, practitioners, students...


landscape X-periments  (Deutsch)

landscape X-periments  (English)



ILA Institute of Landscape Architecture, Department of Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences´, Vienna

Alumni Organisation of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Austrian Society of Landscape Architecture and Planning (ÖGLA)



House of Landscape - Oscar Simony Haus, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Peter-Jordan-Straße 65, 1180 Vienna



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Conference Team:

ILA - Institute of Landscape Architecture:

Lilli Licka: conception, curator

Eva Schwab: curating assistant, conference manager

Julia Backhausen: conference coordination

Sandra Hartmann: office


Erwin Frohmann, Bianca Rinaldi, Philipp Rode and Dagmar Grimm-Pretner: moderation

Ulrike Krippner: consulting and knowledge transfer

Roland Wück: general support


Roland Barthofer, Evi Clara, Bettina Hellein, Konrad Ivanovski, Claudia Kulhanek, Renate Kurz, Verena Linhart, Sigrid Pichler, Verena Schönhart, Michael Wöls, volunteering students of landscape architecture and landscape planning: preparation and organisation



Gudrun Schindler and Ute Rammerstorfer: registration and public relation


OEGLA - Austria Society of Landscape Architecture

Karl Grimm: budget coordination

Ursula Pachinger: coordination, office


The conference was made possible thanks to the following sponsors: